How to get followers on twitter fast without following them?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks used by millions of people. Its peculiarity is that users do not exchange personal messages here, but express their thoughts in their microblogging by publishing tweets – short messages with a maximum of a couple of lines with a hyperlink and a picture / video.

Users who like what you write on your twitter, subscribe to you and become your followers. In business, these are potential customers convertible into sales.

Today, Twitter has already been completely mastered and used for all sorts of purposes and by ordinary users, and by stars, and presidents, and by those who do business on the net.

Every active Twitter user wants to grow their audience, so that thousands of people read it and its tweets are sorted out into retweets.

There are several ways to achieve the desired goal, that is, spin your twitter account.

Why do I need to promote on Twitter

For ordinary users, an account with a large number of followers is an extra reason to brag of acquaintances, as well as a good opportunity to always have a boring time, as thousands of people follow you, and you can discuss any topic with them.

For owners of business accounts, Twitter is an opportunity to talk once again about what your company does and advertise its products or services, because advertising on Twitter is one of the most effective ways to promote it.

SEO-specialists have a chip that the new content of the site, published on Twitter, is indexed by Google much faster. Twitter is also a source of traffic to your pages.

So how do you get a lot of subscribers on Twitter with both of them?

How to promote a Twitter account

Each user is sincerely encouraged to develop their plan for promotion in social networks, how to promote their Twitter account.

All methods of promotion, a set of followers, a set of readers on Twitter are divided into two large groups: approved by the social network itself and forbidden by it.

“White” methods of promotion Twitter – Gain twitter followers for free
Publish really interesting content.

Here everything depends on what is your microblog goal. If you are doing business on the Internet and have created a special account on Twitter, it’s clear that here you need to talk about your products or services.

If this is your personal blog, you should publish tweets aimed at the target audience. So, adolescents are interested in opinions about different games, other social networks, gadgets, etc.

Adult users are divided into those who are interested in development, study, knowledge of something new, and those who perceive Twitter exclusively as recreation and entertainment.

It is necessary to decide what you want to talk about with your followers, but this does not mean that you have to publish the same thing every day. The main thing is that the publications are really “about something”.

You can also add tweets to photos and pictures by theme, images always attract attention.

Use hashtags. Many people neglect hashtags, although they play a big role in promotion, especially Twitter.

By your hashtags you will find users interested in this topic, and, perhaps, will become your readers.

But it’s important to use the correct hashtags, because if you put them “not in the subject”, it will not play any role in the promotion.

To be active. Even if you regularly publish interesting tweets with hashtags, but do not even think of showing any activity on the pages of other users, it is unlikely that your plan for promotion will be as successful as, otherwise,.

Comment on the tweets of others, express your opinion, subscribe and then at least in half the cases will be reciprocated.

Mass Flowing is over activity. This method involves subscribing to all users in a row so that they respond to you.

Its variety is thematic folding, when you select users with similar interests by hashtags and subscribe to them.

Place the best content for the selected audience. Trivial, but strong messages have a viral effect, cause a chain reaction of retweets (reposts). This is the best option. If he is, then nothing more is needed …

Best ways for tracking of twitter followers

The second category of methods for quickly promoting Twitter account – banned and punished by account blocking.

They can be combined into a concept – a wrapping. Each social network tracks traces of this “gray” promotion method and, upon detection of bought fouls, blocks the account. That this does not happen, it is necessary to approach the process of wrapping carefully.

Promotion of the Twitter account in this case is carried out with the help of special services, offering to charge the followers and retweets.

In turn, these services include one or two ways of cheating – the principle of mutual PR, which gives users the opportunity to free wrap, and the ability to simply buy subscribers.

In addition to cheating, PR exchanges offer the opportunity to earn. To do this, users must perform paid tasks, or attract new people to the service, that is, become a partner in the affiliate program.

With the advent of special services, questions like how to promote Twitter for free or how to recruit readers on Twitter, found a quick response. Presented as sites where you can pay for the earnings earned immediately by points / money, and paid.

For business, first of all, services are interesting, allowing the most precisely to identify segments of the audience.

The most popular services for promotion of their Twitter are BOSSLIKE, Cashbox, Likemania, Soclike and others. You can buy the followers in any quantity, and pay for the purchase by various payment systems.