Buy real twitter followers for business

Twitter for Business and High Income

Just for the likes, retweets, new followers without segmentation of the audience on Twitter, the usual Bosslike will do. Remember the limits of Twitter!
For business, the target segment of readers is required.

You need dot work with the audience, automation. Here is the list of services for deep work with Twitter:

Twidium is an inexpensive European-language integrated program for the promotion of Twitter accounts. Itself finds related by the accounts accounts, signs-writes out the followers, post tweets, retweets, replays, simulates the work of a person.

An important plus is that the automation of the program is sacred to the limits of Twitter, and cases of account blockages by Twitter are not known.

Most twitter followers for today

ManageFlitter is very simple and clear service, good for angling. Free opportunities enough. The list of service filters allows you to separately identify non-reciprocal followers (readers), without your own avatar, non-European accounts, fake and inactive for a month, and a couple of other filters. – free solution. In English too. But everything is very simple.

When you sign in, immediately opens a page with a list of accounts that do not read you back. Good for angling.

Twite is a well-known multifunctional service, it is applicable for twitter advertising with segmentation on cities and topics, but we were afraid to use it for promotion, due to cases of blocking both from Twitter and from Twite itself. But for advertising it is quite suitable.

How to set up and sign up for a Twitter account for business.

How to assemble an audience in Twitter for business: segment allocation, attracting followers, unfollowing, automation.

How to take into account the limits of Twitter when winding up and spinning

At the beginning of the work it seems that it is fast to gain a lot of readers on Twitter (followers) and to make a microblogging promoted simply.

And as it usually happens, the Twitter administration had to run algorithms that limit the frank tweaking of all and everything in a row.

Limit for 5000 followinngs (subscriptions, readable accounts). If you are close to 5000 subscriptions (the number may differ by 10-20%), and the number of your readers is much less, then you will not be able to subscribe to other accounts for Twitter.

Twitter has recently increased this limit from 2000 to 5000, so most articles have a figure of 2000.

The limit is “over 2000”. The Twitter algorithm will not allow you to recruit more subscribers by 10-15% than you have any followers.

This limit is valid for your account always. Ideally, you should always have more readers than you read.
Limit “No more than 1000 actions per day”.

From one IP address for one twitter account, you can execute no more than 1000 actions per day. This includes tweets / retweets, actions on following (subscriptions) and angling (unsubscribes), personal messages.

These actions are carried out by you manually or are performed by a specialized service – in this case it does not matter. Change of IP address, work through the proxy restrictions does not remove.

Limit “No more than 250 private messages per day. But if you send 200-250 daily, they can also ban.

Limit “150 API requests in 1 hour”. Summarize all the requests of all programs, services and applications to Twitter from a single IP address. IP change, use of a proxy here helps.

A part of the limits that Twitter does not disclose has been derived by a number of users, in particular, Twidium’s Twitter promotion service. Some of the limits are published on the official website of Twitter.

The presence of limits on actions on Twitter resulted in a few simple recommendations for promotion:

Increase subscriptions to you in response to your following. Use for failing accounts (subscriptions) of reliable accounts, that is, those who are guaranteed to subscribe to you in response.

You can sign up for trouble-free accounts with the help of the above-mentioned helper account on Twitter Twidium.

When subscribing, we are looking for those users who have hash tags in their account: #follow, #followme, #Following, #followback, and subscribe to them.
Unfollowing – an answer.

For withdrawing the limits, we are interested in the unsubscription of those who are not subscribed to you in response.