Content for Twitter automatic likes

Today we will gather and summarize known tips, secrets, rules for working with content on Twitter.

For quality content is capable of much, in particular, the viral effect will attract new readers naturally better than any methods of promotion. Friends, post the recommendations for working with content on Twitter:

established rules for content on Twitter;
how to write content;
how to design content;
how to publish content;
how to analyze, optimize, automate the work with content.

\What and how do most people write on Twitter?

If you even wander for an hour on tweets and microblogs, you will understand, for example, here’s what:

Percentages so 80 Twitter accounts are not interesting, mechanical, empty, intrusive-advertising. People publish in the mass frank tuft, not representing any value for others, as they say, “from empty to empty.” To find something really interesting, you’ll have to dig “ore.” You can understand the efforts of Twitter to “revive” communication and blocking bots and fake accounts.

The second point that catches your eye is that twittering people do not communicate with each other, retweet and like from a living person can already be perceived as an act of communication.

The same 80% of accounts post everything is not clear to whom. And their tweets fly to nowhere, like home warmth in winter in open windows …
80% of the authors write that, with their left foot and aby for whom.

It’s no surprise that a good half of the tweets testify that “Twitter does not work,” “Twitter does not meet expectations.”

We are only at hand, because quality and point content among this gray mass shines and beckons imputed living users. And from the living normal accounts, most of them in turn only retweet interesting tweets, not practicing themselves in Twitter micro-copying.

80% of the authors write that, with their left foot and aby for whom. And this is to our advantage, for high-quality content on Twitter shines and beckons like gold in a stream.

The secret secret or the concept of using Twitter

Twitter is an exceptionally fast mobile tool for aiming mass communication. The power of Twitter in speed and focus on the topic and audience. Focusing the posts on a clear topic and precisely selected audience, we collect the scattered light into a laser beam.

The power of Twitter in speed and focus. Focus on the topic and focus on the audience.

How to write content

Here are some technical points on the effective writing of tweets:

In tweets we use keywords and hashtags (keywords with a lattice #). Hashtags corresponding to the content of the tweet will increase our visibility in the search.

We use 1, maximum 2 hashtags, not more.

Rule 10-4-1: copied content, own content, advertising tweets. You can publish your own content more, but you should not forget about the retweets of other accounts.

Tweets of 100-120 characters get a lot more involvement and more clicks on the links, rather than tweets with 140 characters.

The limitation of 140 characters is bypassed by publishing one picture but with the desired amount of text. The optimal image size is 317 by 317 pixels, then it is convenient to read on mobile devices.

Between advertising tweets should be at least four non-advertising posts without links.

Article by reference must match the content of the tweet.

Within our topic, we put different types of content. Posts from the blog and analytics – it’s good, but what about the photos of employees in our office?

Use active words – verbs! They speak louder and make links more clickable.

Writing fast, editing slowly. For 20% of the time we write the text, the main time we work on its quality.

We use shortcuts:,,

Tweets of 100-120 characters are converted into clicks better than tweets of 140 characters!

By copywriting, we will highlight the following:

Uniqueness. Twitter is a living, dynamic phenomenon. Boring, monotonous, narrative, everyday messages will go unnoticed. An unusual train of thought, broken templates, lively energy, humor, strong advice – that’s what excites readers and with terrible force pulls their finger to the link and the retweet button. Not only pictures, but also words carry the images and power inherent in them by the author, and they read it feel, and the statistics of clicks and sales confirms.

Utility. Live users of Twitter are not so fond of entertainment, as incontacts or instagramovtsy. Twitterers are people who are more businesslike and practical, so they rate their usefulness highly.

Humanity. Automatic outposts, dry robots, endless advertisements and “buy-sell-discount” links bored to hell. And a living person with all his uniqueness, shoals, fresh look at simple things is read as a good acquaintance and a longtime friend.

The most frequent reasons for tweets are related to non-topic tweets, uninteresting (weak, spam) content, self-piracy and excessive activity.

Too active posting: 50%

Spam posting: 47%

Bust with self-piracy: 45%

Not interesting enough: 44%

What to write on Twitter

Since we are focused on using Twitter for business, business tasks, promotion of projects, we have gathered here recommendations for business people.

Useful subtleties of readers, advice, secrets strictly on the topic.

Customer / reader stories.

Announcements of thematic events.

A decent thematic humor.

Aphorisms suitable for our Central Asia.

Themed news, events related to our niche.

Episodes from life / practice on the topic.

Requests for help, advice, support.

Congratulations on the professional holidays, mention of the anniversary events that are important for the industry.

Reply to a private message.

Link to a free useful source.

Gratitude company / specific person.

References to check-lists, valuable manuals, manuals.

Tweets about their mistakes, conclusions.

Info about some of your plans and announcements.

Information about the environment in which you are brewing – arrangement of office, photo of employees, reception and organization of work …

Links to an interview with a person in the subject.

Controversial points of view on things, opinions contrary to the generally accepted, things that make you think. Within the limits of political correctness.

Tweets with an indication of thematic: photo-reports, books, sites, statistics, retweets, videos, accounts …

We practice in finding the content around, carefully look around, ask our colleagues, and we find something that gets to the heart and head of our dear reader and potential buyer.