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Tips from Twidium: how to untwist not to get into the ban

To ensure that our efforts to promote Twitter are not wasted, so that the account was not blocked, you should keep in mind the reasons for the ban.

We share tips from the authors of the professional program for complex work with the Twidium account. Many of the reasons that Twitter is not openly advertised, obtained by experience, from practice:

Registration of an account with a banned proxy.

Promotion of multiple accounts simultaneously from one IP.

Shutdown in the program (Twidium Inviter) simulation of human work.

Exceeding the number of daily activities.

Promotion without any other actions in the account.

Unauthorized access to your web services account.

For multiple accounts, following on the same list from the file without mixing it.

For young accounts – the beginning of active following immediately after registration of the account.

Posting tweets with links to sites of questionable content.

Posting tweets with links to the same domain or page from multiple accounts within a short time.

Ban because of user complaints.

Posting tweets with only links.

Falling accounts without language.


Promotion of Twitter is the process of dialing the followers for their microblogging, and this process can occur in various ways: quickly or gradually, for free or with charge, using permitted or conditionally gray techniques. Mineer SMM-boxes use a mixed set of methods of promotion.

In any case, you should first create an action plan and then proceed with the promotion, and also bear in mind that it is desirable that the number of your subscriptions does not exceed the number of followers.

Do not overdo it and with the speed of wrapping.

If you have a new account, and hundreds of followers sign up for you every day, when you are a regular user, it will not disappear from the administration and, probably, you will be punished by account blocking.

And you will do everything neatly – your promoted microblogging can give a good income.