Photos for free twitter likes and retweets

How to design content

Here are some statements on the design of tweets:

We paste in the tweets attracting attention pictures. The ideal size is 1024×512 pixels.

Images involve readers and generate more leads. A lot more.

We paste links to your site wherever possible. Links are traffic, which means they are leads and sales.

We use GIF (moving pictures). Twitter converts them to MP4 and plays automatically!

Use “RT: @ source” at the end of each tweet with “via”. This makes it easy for readers to retweet and subscribe to you.

We use Twitter cards, which can be added to messages on Twitter. To do this, Twitter forms for a particular site HTML code, which must be placed on its website. For wordpress, there are plugins.

When and how to publish content
Here are tips for posting tweets:

We publish about 1-5 tweets per day.

It is not recommended to post tweets in queues, as it is like to do the people responsible for the promotion – log into your account once a day and post 10-20 tweets at once.

We publish tweets daily! 1 tweet a day for a week is better than 7 tweets on Mon and on zero from Tuesday to Sunday.

There is an optimal publication time when the tweet reads the largest number of people. For a restaurant, you can make tweets before dinner, and for city news – in the evening. The term “life” tweet is not long, and if the majority of the audience your tweet “slept through”, then it does not shoot properly. There are services, for example Socialbro or Tweriod, analyzing our tape and the time of the public
and calculating the best time for posting.

We take into account time zones. There are recommendations to open different accounts for different time zones, in order to avoid the repetition of posting the same tweets in one account.

Retrieving the materials of others on Twitter is useful. Thus, we attract the attention of other users, and we like Twitter for social activity, and we make variety in our microblogging.

Twitter copywriting

How to analyze, optimize, automate the work with content

We use lists. Twitter allows you to create 20 lists of up to 500 tweets each. Lists allow you to collect the most interesting of the readable accounts together on topics, for example, my city, humor, infobusiness, and do not skip tweets from selected accounts.

We test everything! Each audience is unique, so we try the tooth for A / B tests, pictures, publication time, length of tweets.

For business tasks, sales and lidogeneratsii:

We use advertising tweets to distribute our most successful content. Advertising we get to that Central Asia, to which we could not get earlier.

Optimize Tweets for Lyden:
-length of 100-120 characters,
-in a single link without hashtag,
– Reducing the place where you can click gives more clicks,
– insert a tweet / image call to action,
-Use the unique opportunities of Twitter for segmentation.

We collect inf information using Twitter Lead Generation Cards (emails).

We increase traffic to the site using Website Cards, which contain action buttons.

We test A / B tests with all the tweets (texts, images) to determine what any of our target audience is.

And what about arrange a meeting twitter in a real place – a park, a cafe?

In total, despite the initially seeming simplicity of Twitter, there are more than a hundred nuances and subtleties important for the successful accomplishment of the assigned tasks.

Of these, several dozen are critically important for the work, and they should be carefully studied before starting the company on Twitter. Then you pay in mutual benefit the tremendous speed, brevity and accuracy of the tweet-tweet-twitter.