Twitter followers bots

Sometimes there is neither the time nor the desire nor the sense to engage in the promotion of Twitter-account and there is a need to just buy the followers on Twitter.

The task can be solved in different ways, but in order to be useful and useful, it is worthwhile to clearly indicate the desired result.

Determine how many followers we need to buy, to decide what tasks and what quality should be the “sample” of our readers.

We will describe several ways to buy followers on Twitter and recommend which method is applicable in which cases.

Buy followers on Twitter in the services of cheating on social networks

Wrapping services do not give us any opportunity to segment subscribers. We can buy many subscribers to our Twitter account and it’s very inexpensive, about 100 to 10 euros per 1000 subscribers. Therefore, only suitable for common topics – love, money, health, news, humor …

As a rule, the lower the price and the faster the turnaround time, the less the percentage of live subscribers and more useless bots that are suitable only for demonstrating naked figures. A few subscribers in a couple of days are unsubscribed.

Buy readers in your Twitter for example in such services:


Buy readers on stock exchanges of advertising and specialized websites
On specialized services for Twitter advertising exchanges, the fallovers will be better than in the services of cheating, but also will cost more, from 5 euros per subscriber and above.

Here there are opportunities for minimal segmentation – by country, language, age, subject, keywords.
Buy followers from Twitter on

Order services to attract readers
A wide range of prices and quality of subscribers.

It starts somewhere from $ 5 for 10,000 followers at, 5 euros for 2000 on

After we’ve gone through a dozen or so performers, freelancers, we will probably notice a couple of people / teams able to attract the right amount of readers for the required parameters and a reasonable price.

Buy and set up a program for cheating subscribers in Twitter

In runet there is a market leader among programs for Twitter in European – this is

Twidium Twitter Edition. We did her review. A couple of hours will go by that. to penetrate, configure and run the software.

Further Twidium in the background collects subscribers and writes off nonreciprocal.

Works on the principle of mass-loading. Plus in default settings. It is advantageous for the task to attract more followers in 3-5 -10 or more accounts.


Buy a program – it’s not quite buy subscribers, but often it is cheaper and more profitable to buy not the subscribers themselves, but the tool or time a person for this work.

If a couple of years ago such deals were condemned and severely suppressed by services, today the purchase of subscribers is more a matter of technology and technology.

Having bought a couple of thousand bots for coinss, we, of course, will not sell anything to these bots, but among them there are real people.

Buying the followers at the start will provide a quantitative core, looking at which it will be much more fun to subscribe to already quite real people.

Otherwise, the first months you will be broadcasting into the emptiness of an empty account. The game is worth the candle, the main thing is not to forget about the limits of Twitter.