Twitter followers tools

Selection, collection of the audience, attracting subscribers ( followers). Setting up, debugging and automating the recruitment of readers. Questions:

Whom to invite to the readers?

How to invite?

How to calculate and unsubscribe those who hang ballast, did not subscribe to you mutually?

What and how can you automate?

The question of “whom to invite?” Is marketing, it should be solved first. Only after that, you can go to the minds of the methods of attraction and automation.

Who to invite to their followers on Twitter

The audience is determined by the goals and tasks of the Twitter account: to tell those who will have a clear benefit, about teaching entrepreneurship thinking.

Courses for businessmen, in particular, Ivan Zimbitsky’s training programs “Multiplier 10x”, “Thinking businessman”, remove blocking beliefs in the head.

These products are particularly beneficial to current entrepreneurs who have buried themselves in the invisible financial ceiling of their income and business growth, those who have gone through a series of training, dug the ground in BM, IUM and other business schools, but did not receive a result or rolled back to the starting positions (2- 10 or more times).

In the first article, we pointed out that the audience was segmented as follows: a man, 25-45 years old, has his own business, rested in the ceiling, plowed, studied, but there is no growth, he did not lower his hand, he is ready to solve the problem of multiplying income.

We search for keywords on our topic, for example, “business”, “entrepreneur’s thinking” or “billionaire”, we find several people with enough subscribers, in their account we enter the “readers” and subscribe to those who are suitable for us.

At the start, we recommend subscribing to 50-100 accounts per day, later you can increase the daily number of subscriptions to 150-200, and if you exceed 2000, to 200-250 per day. It’s more risky – tweets will be banned.

It is useful to read the untwisted accounts, comment, discuss, communicate in them, subscribe to the readers of the untwisted authors.

Popular accounts are gaining readers faster at the expense of their own weight, and you, with active communication with them, will grow faster themselves.

A reliable sign of your target follower – it is subscribed to several thematic accounts in our niche. And there are separate services for Twitter, allowing to take into account this moment, only where to take time for all the subtleties?

How to invite?

Mass Following. Increase the number of readers reciprocal reciprocal subscription to you, when subscribing to them. You see a person with the right interests, click “read”, and within a few days, based on the rules of courtesy on Twitter, this person also subscribes to you and with a probability of 5-20%. That is, on 100 readable we get 5-20% of readers. For a high% response, the quality of your tweets, the quality of your account, and the existence of common interests are important to you. In any case, your information should be interesting-useful for readers.

When subscribing to accounts with hashtags “CrossFollowing” and the like,% of response subscriptions to you increases to 20-30%
Those who did not subscribe to us in response, on the third or fourth day, we delete (you can do anfulling once a week), details on the reply below.

Buy live subscribers. Many of the cheap services you buy are not-related (artificially created, not real) and garbage accounts, which by definition will never buy anything.

Now the runet has a couple of dozen services, where in the demo version you can try 100 followers. Thus, bypassing 10 services, you can already dial 1000 followers. But be careful when choosing and using such services, since your account can simply be temporarily frozen for using the cheating of the followers. In our case, it is the thematic readers that are needed, so the cheating services are not suitable for us.

Twitter does not allow automatic scrolling.

It is best to look for live subscribers in trendy Twitter accounts or in official accounts of services, shops, Internet resources, etc.

Invite to subscribe to your twitter everywhere. Invite on the site, in other social networks, in the mailing list.

Place powerful viral tweets, with a viral effect. Penetrating the reader deep into the heart and the brain and causing a chain reaction retweets. The ideal way, but in practice it turns out not for many and not often. However, experience comes with time, and, even if you do not write yourself, then finding potentially powerful materials is getting better and better.
Register in ratings and twitter directory. Traffic from them is.

In the description, specify “# massfollowing”. A common and working technique that adds subscribers to mass following. Do not use it unless the stars, large resources and masters of powerful and viral content. A couple of times there were requirements to advertise in accounts without mentioning about mutual following in the tasks of advertisers.

Exact definition of keywords and hashtags in the description. Increases the number of readers from the search. With quality content, by itself.
It is important to be active, to answer people’s questions, comments, and to be active.
And, as in any business, it’s important not to get stuck at the start. Get the first hundred readers, and then it will be even easier and more interesting.

How to calculate and unsubscribe those who hang ballast, did not subscribe to you mutually?

Twitter has limits, in particular, “limit 2000”, meaning that when you reach the number read over 2,000 you can no longer add a readable if the number of readers reading you is less than 2000. That is, if you have 500 readers for 2000 readable, then you do not You can read more until you add more readers. Also, with the number of accounts you read over 2000, another restrictive mechanism is included, according to which the number of readers should not exceed the number of your readers. More details about the limits of Twitter here.

As a result, the existence of these limits, when using the method of attracting our readers to them with a subscription and waiting for reciprocal reverse subscription to us in response, leads to the need to delete all those who did not subscribe to us in response to our subscription.

How to calculate such twittering in our ranks and quickly get rid of them? Manually or through programs and services.
With the help of English-speaking services:

ManageFlitter – English-speaking service, but generally understandable. You need to login, allow to use your Twitter account, find “Not Following Back” in the menu and discard ballast. In the free version of ManageFlitter, the limit for removing non-reciprocal subscribers is 100 per day, but the limit can be extended to 300, 500, 1200 per day and even more with free subscription and tweets with information about the service.

The list of service filters allows you to separately identify non-reciprocal followers (readers), without your own avatar, non-European accounts, fake and inactive for a month, and a couple of other filters. – free solution. In English too. But everything is very simple.

When you sign in, the page with the inscription “@TrenerMozga is following these 200 accounts, but they’re not following @TrenerMozga back” immediately opens, which means that “the account such-and-so reads 200 accounts that do not read it in response.” Next, on each photo of the reader, a window pops up with a green “Nofollowing” button, when you hover over it, it changes to a red “Unfollow”. To unsubscribe, click “Unfollow” on each.

How often do anfolfling? Minimum – on the 3-4th day. optimally – once a week.

One of the most terrible violations on Twitter is an unsubscription immediately after the subscription. You can unsubscribe sooner than 24 hours after the subscription!

There is one more category of followers – bots. Artificial, created by robot programs accounts. There are thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands of such accounts in many hundreds of networks.

With the help of their unclean dealers wind up the number of their services – likes, readers, subscribers, etc. to generate greater advertising revenue. That is, a person buys 1,000 followers, and to him by 700 live add 300 artificial subscribers, outwardly having some tweets-retweets, maybe a description and a photo.

But there is no sense to communicate with such bots, and they will not buy anything. Only if you brag about your other blown pop.

You can get rid of bots using the same ManageFlitter.

A small moment of etiquette and courtesy: we sign mutually on those who signed us.

They can be seen in our account in the “readers” section, on their card the “read” button is white, not blue.

In the screenshot below, we are overlapping our first reader!

Mutually sign it is possible and with the help of the services mentioned for anfullovinga and the program.