Twitter followers trial

What and how you can automate on Twitter

First of all, we looked at the possibilities of tweaking services on Twitter. They do not even provide the functionality we need.

The only thing they can do is wind up a faceless mass of subscribers, likes, retweets, of which part will be written off, some will be bots and fakes, and the vast majority are non-targeted subscribers. To the side.

Of the European-language products well established itself and collected positive reviews program Twidium Inviter.

With the help of the program, you can attract up to 2500-3000 followers a month.

Twidium Twitter Edition – a complete solution for the promotion of Twitter accounts.

The program allows you to quickly increase the number of followers, unsubscribe from those who did not subscribe to you in response, post tweets, retweets, replays (public calls from one twitter account to another).

Itself finds and calls accounts close to the account by subject.

The program implements a mechanism for simulating the work of a person who will not allow the account ban.

To advertise from European resources, Twite is distributed, but according to reviews it is not as reliable as tweedium: you can get a ban from Twitter, which is very unlikely when working with Twidium.

Those who earn on Twitter, often complain about account blockages in the Twite itself. We registered with Twite, but we were afraid to use it, despite the fact that the service has a filter for adding subscribers to cities and topics for microblogging. But for advertising, we will test it.

And from the English-speaking services we see the benefit from the above mentioned ManageFlitter and

Total by audience in Twitter

in a registered and configured account, we started to publish tweets daily, 1-5 per day;
in the description, one hashtag “#Followback” was added;
for the trial began manual mass-following on 50-100 accounts per day;
for a set of target readers and automation, they stopped on the program Twidium

Twitter Edition, costing 10 dollars a year;
service wrap-ups do not suit us, because they do not allow us to select the right segment of the audience;
from additional tools we use the free capabilities of ManageFlitter and

The results will be written in a month or two below.

The next thing that awaits us is the work with content, the publication of tweets, the automation of works with content.